Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Don’t want to be part of the problem? Then become part of the solution

Ever since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Capitalism has had a relentless impact on the environment, causing devastating climate change. With production motivated by making money rather than safeguarding the environment or satisfying people's needs, wasteful and polluting methods will be used if they minimise costs and maximise profits. Any legislation which aims to curb environmental damage still has to fit in to this framework. We in the Socialist Party of Great Britain do not shout for minimum reforms or minor changes to current worldwide production methods in an attempt to mitigate or offset the damage already done.

Instead we believe that the only real solution is an end to the root cause of the problem, that is Capitalism itself – nothing more nothing less.

We believe that it is the workers of the world who do all the producing and wealth creation, yet we are the last to realise the benefits when profits are growing. And the first to experience the hardships of downturns, recession and austerity.

You see, the Socialist Party which is part of the World Socialist Movement is like no other organisation, insofar as we are the only group calling for an end to Capitalism, and for it to be replaced by global Socialism. This would be a world based on a revolutionary change of the means of production, from being owned by a tiny minority to being held in common ownership with free access to goods and services according to individual and self-defined needs.

The SPGB has been advocating revolutionary change since its inception in 1904. If you would like to learn more, then please visit spgb.net where you will find all the information you need, including details of points of contact in your local area.

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