Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Humpty-Dumpty Contest

 "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less."

In politics, twisting language with false facts and fake claims are the norm. Both Trump and Biden were almost equally guilty in their first debate. 

The World Socialist Party does not believe that socialism can be achieved in a gradual, piecemeal fashion through a series of partial reforms granted by the benevolence of politicians bringing about a new society as a simple legislative acts. Nor are we anarchists who fear being tainted by engaging in the electoral process even if many of our fellow-workers are cynical about it. Elections are opportunities for involvement in debate, discussion and dialogue with our fellow-workers, to expose the limitations of capitalism and gain support for our ideas. Elections are a means to an end.


When the Republicans are in office, movements usually take to the streets to oppose them. However, because of their connections with social and labor activists when the Democrats are in the White House and running Congress, resistance tends to diminish, with the argument that the Democrats are “more” susceptible to influence from within than pressure from without. There is a case that workers will be set back by having a Democrat in power.


Even if Trump was a fascist  which he is not despite the hyperbole of his opponents  task is fundamentally the same as always -  to strive relentlessly for socialism and the political independence of a mass socialist party. Our main work today is building the foundations of such a workers’ movement, by planting the seeds of it for the future, regardless of the prevailing public opinion or “expert” counsel from progressive political commentators. The WSP prepares the ground for bigger and better things. Those myopic leftists who support Biden over Trump only muddy the waters rather than provide clarity on the vital issue of class independence. The provide left cover to another representative of capitalist rule. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office Big Business runs the show. The U.S. president is, on paper, the most powerful single person in the world--but that doesn't make him the only people with power.


 We urge our readers to vote against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The "lesser evil" candidate of 2020 has presided over many acts of actual evil done performed a Senator and Vice-President just as the present "greater evil" in the White House has committed.


Whenever the World Socialist Party make its case against lesser and greater evils voting tactics, we're criticized for saying that there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans - or even that we hope the right-wing Republicans win because that will be better for the struggle. Sorry, but were not listening. In advocating support for the lesser evil against the greater evil, many people lose sight of our real goal - acquiring support for socialism. Instead, the lesser evil vote confirms the myth that the U.S. political battle-field is unchangeable. Working people will once again be demoralized by another failure of a “progressive” president and once more the right will be emboldened.


Biden is no friend of workers and merely pays lip-service to them as they form the most important part of the Democratic Party vote. 

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