Thursday, September 17, 2020

Indigenous Suicides in Australia

Back in 2015, the Socialist Standard drew attention to the high suicide rates for indigenous peoples. An article in the current Lancet medical shows very little has  improved. 

In January, 2019, seven Aboriginal children died by suicide in Australia. By March, at least 24 young Aboriginal people were reported to have taken their lives, including three children younger than 12 years. Despite Australia's wealth, the health statistics for Aboriginal peoples are dire and alarming. High rates of suicide and a disproportionate burden of disease and injury for Aboriginal peoples is an ongoing and disturbing trend. Mental health inequities in Australia are similar to those faced by Indigenous populations in other countries. Globally, racism, poverty, unemployment, and disenfranchisement substantially affect the mental health and wellbeing of Indigenous young people.

 Across Australian states and territories, the proportion of Aboriginal young people who reported high-to-very-high psychological distress was greatest in Western Australia (44%, or 7400 people).

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