Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Socialist Sonnet 1

 The Tory Party, (in)famously being the traditional hangers and floggers of British politics, promotes strict adherence to every jot and tittle of the law on pain of dire consequence. Suddenly, having become the rabid dogs slavering for Brexit, law has become something that can be cavalierly discarded, when it suits them.

This poem is for them.

Socialist Sonnet 1

It’s when lawmakers become lawbreakers

The centre cannot hold, the slouching beast,

Held in check by jurist’s pen, is released,

Exposing the word of the lie speakers.


Should the first amongst equals set aside

Even one law for convenience sake,

A signal’s been given and no mistake,

Society’s tethers are being untied.


If one can choose, then let all, and dispense

With bothersome rules, shred statutes, commit

Commitments to bonfires of trust, admit

Being deceitful, careless of consequence.


Listen, there’s the sound, so the acute say,

Of soiled Magna Carta being flushed away.



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