Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Don’t Be Fooled Again

Democrat politicians always assure us at election times that stand up against what is termed “right-wing extremist” Republican proposals. At the same time, making sure that no one would mistake them for left-wing extremism. America’s bipartisan foreign policy has been based upon defending and extending the interests of the handful of very rich U.S. families who are the real rulers of the United States. They seek to dominate as much of the world as they can, to control raw materials, dominate markets, and secure areas of foreign investment. These include cynical use of humanitarian aid or of “stopping aggression.”

The most cynical and despicable act against people in pain is to offer them false hope and phony cures. The Democratic Party play the fox and the Republican Party the wolf. This is deliberate, not coincidental. While the liberals of the Democratic Party harp on the racism of the unapologetic right-wing, none of them offer viable a alternative. We are only powerless for as long as we allow ourselves to be. We are the people, and collectively we must bring about an end to the people’s pain. Only a consciously organized and militant mass response can resolve the deepening crisis in the interests of the immense majority of humanity. The key is independent political action by the working class. We need to break out of the framework of the two party system controlled by the rich.

Our cities are huge dumping grounds for all our  problems - poverty, homelessness, joblessness, crime, illiteracy, ill-health, ecological rape, racism, sexism, homophobia, domestic and random violence, addictions, ad nauseam. There is less of everything for everybody except stress and frustration. Fascist wannabes menace the innocent all around the world. We are relentlessly bombarded with pro-establishment propaganda. Yet, today, millions challenge and protest.

For too many people, socialism is a call for violent action by Crazies. Or so the ruling class would have us believe because they they claim for themselves the mantle of progress, truth, beauty, and knowledge. They represent socialists as deluded, irrational, psychotic, and hateful. 

WORLD SOCIALISM?  Our revolution will set everybody free. Socialists, have many ideas about how to change society for the betterment of all of humanity. Socialism will furnish peace, good will toward all, a patched-up planet, a one or two-day work week. Socialism is shared abundance. We've got the abundance - we just have to transform the way we distribute it. The socialist future is clearly within the vista of our epoch, of our lives. And what better fate can a person carve out than participation in the emancipation of humanity? What better use to make of one's life than in preparing that new civilization? 

The WSPUS has a vision of a world where all people work without compulsion, of order without government or authority and of peace without violence and coercion. There is a wealth of materials, technology and human power, enough to make possible a high living standard coupled with considerably less labor time per person. The chaos of capitalist production and distribution of wealth can only be stopped by creating a new economic and social system based on human needs. It is apparent that the survival of life on Earth itself is also dependent on the overthrow of capitalism, for as long as it exists, profits for the few will come before human needs and environmental survival.

When the vast majority of humanity realizes that the inherent inequality and futility of capitalism are wrong and no longer acceptable, and when these people realize the power they have to shape society, they will shut down the system and take back the wealth sucked out of them by the rich minority. The realization of the need for an alternative to capitalism will come when the validity of a free socialist society becomes apparent because of mass disillusionment with the status quo and its violence, wars, prisons and poverty. Already this disillusionment appears to be affecting many Americans, but positive alternatives to the current world situation are not yet being sought out, perceived or thought possible. Ideas that are outdated or undemocratic should be thrown out. Ideas that are pragmatic and socially just should be utilized. And new ideas and directions for the liberation of humanity need to be discussed.

Capitalism is inherently weak. The time is ripe for taking initiative to awaken the people to what it can do to fight.

The role of the World Socialist Party is to create a world rich with freedom, plenty, humane relations between people, and the joy of living. This is a new day and a changing world. You have a choice. Drown your woes in booze. Or learn that socialism means partnership, not tyranny, and that we can never be free as long as others are enslaved. Socialists will create a new society where everybody can stop being sheep and stop being soldiers and start being human. You must play a part in bringing this about, because today’s world of war and sexism, poverty and brutality, racism and violence cannot endure. 

Together, we must either change the world. Together, we can win.

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