Friday, November 19, 2021

Corporate Welfare


Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday put out a report, titled Tax Dodgers: How Billionaire Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes and How to Fix It that shows how 70 of the richest corporations in the U.S. "have rigged the tax code in their favor, employing armies of lobbyists and accountants to write and abuse the rules so they can avoid paying their fair share of taxes."

FedEx paid $483 million in taxes last year—a 7.2% tax rate

DISH $0 in tax but instead collected a $223 million tax refund from the federal government despite raking in $2.6 billion in profits in 2020.

Amazon paid $2.8 billion in federal and foreign income taxes in 2020, its effective tax rate was just 11.5% on global profits totalling $24.3 billion, while the company handed out $118 million in executive bonuses.

Elizabeth Warren Releases Blueprint to End 'Free Ride' for Tax-Dodging US Billionaires (

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