Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The melting glacier in Montana

 Diana Six, an entomologist at the University of Montana, studies beetles near Glacier national park in Montana. Her observations and conclusion are a stark reminder of what we are losing.

" I don’t think people realize that climate change is not just a loss of ice. It’s all the stuff that’s dependent on it. The ice is really just the canary in the coalmine. To have 97, 98 degrees in Glacier national park for days on end is insane. This is not just some fluke...We are at the point that there’s nothing untouched...We’re coming at things all wrong, trying to save a species by putting it in a zoo or replanting trees. But if you aren’t going to the root cause of the problem it’s still going to happen. That’s not to say that if we didn’t just get our act together and make some major changes, we couldn’t save some of this. We just can’t do it one species at a time.”

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