Thursday, July 29, 2021

End capitalism to save the World


 Researchers said in an article published in the journal BioScience on Wednesday that governments had consistently failed to address “the overexploitation of the Earth”, which they described as the root cause of the crisis.

They noted an “unprecedented surge” in climate-related disasters, including flooding in South America and Southeast Asia, record-shattering heatwaves and wildfires in Australia and the US, and devastating cyclones in Africa and South Asia.

 To measure the health of the planet, scientists relied on “vital signs” including deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, glacier thickness and sea-ice extent and deforestation. Out of 31 signs, they found that 18 hit record highs or lows. For example, despite a dip in pollution linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, levels of atmospheric CO2 and methane hit all-time highs in 2021. Greenland and Antarctica recently showed all-time low levels of ice mass and glaciers are melting 31-percent faster than they did just 15 years ago, the authors said. Ocean heat and global sea levels set new records since 2019, and the annual loss rate of the Brazilian Amazon reached a 12-year high in 2020.

The authors repeated previous calls for transformative change in six areas: eliminating fossil fuels, slashing pollutants, restoring ecosystems, switching to plant-based diets, moving away from indefinite growth models and stabilising the human population.

While science may be correct that global warming is a result of over-exploitation of the planet's resources, they lack the socialist insight of what causes it. They are either ignorant or ignore the economic foundation of capitalism which is capital accumulation driven by the profit motive which requires constant growth and market expansion and the commodification of anything outwith the exchange economy. 

This is the root cause that climate scientists shy away from.

Thousands of scientists warn climate tipping points ‘imminent’ | Climate News | Al Jazeera

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