Monday, June 06, 2022

Sainsbury's CEO Pay Award

 Sainsbury’s has revealed that its chief executive, Simon Roberts, received pay worth £3.8m in the latest financial year even as it rejected calls for it to ensure all workers in its stores receive a living wage.

Roberts’s total pay nearly tripled for the year to March from the £1.3m he received in 2021. The £3.8m pay packet is 183 times larger than that of the median worker at the supermarket – represented a like-for-like increase of 31% over the year. That compared with 5.3% pay increases for the staff it directly employs in stores, well below the 9% rate of inflation that is causing a cost of living crisis. 

Roberts also received private medical cover and a cash car allowance of £15,250 – equivalent to three-quarters of the annual wage of a UK employee on the UK living wage, based on a 40-hour working week.

Sainsbury’s CEO’s pay triples to £3.8m as firm rejects living wage calls | J Sainsbury | The Guardian

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