Saturday, June 11, 2022

There's Power in the Union


Workers represented by labor unions earn 10.2% higher wages than their non-union peers, have better benefits and collectively raise wages industry-wide.

 Unionized workers are also 18.3% more likely to receive employer-sponsored health insurance, and employers pay 77.4% more per hour worked toward the cost of health insurance for unionized workers compared with non-unionized workers.

Labor unions have also contributed to narrowing racial and gender pay disparities; unionization correlates to pay premiums of 17.3% for Black workers, 23.1% for Latino workers and 14.7% for Asian workers, compared with 10.1% for white workers.

Overall, female union workers receive 4.7% higher hourly wages than their non-union peers and in female-dominated service industries, union workers are paid 52.1% more than non-union workers.

Feel the benefit: union workers receive far better pay and rights, Congress finds | US unions | The Guardian

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