Thursday, June 16, 2022

Another Summer School Session


At Summer School, Brian Gardner will be giving the following talk:

Let Them Do Yoga! - Inequality, Mental Health and Social Revolution

This talk will explore one of the less obvious ways in which capitalism and the class divide impacts negatively on humans. As the profit system turns the screw we are faced with huge and growing mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.

How much of our this is down to the individual’s biology, and how much is social/political? What does inequality do to our psyches? Why are humans so apparently sensitive to class divisions? And does this provide insight to why inequality is so apparently resistant to political reform?

How will the global collective trauma of COVID play out? And what about the looming existential crisis that is the climate emergency?

Once taboo, we are now encouraged to parade our mental health like some fashion accessory. Are there other ways to regain wellbeing than lunchtime meditation or a friendly chat with HR? Are we just accommodating to the pressures of being both worker and consumer under capitalism?

Or are we seeing signs of humanity growing up? Is our mental environment a key battleground? How might mental well-being influence class consciousness? And what could we reasonably say about mental health inside a future socialist society?

Brian Gardner will explore these questions and more.

Details of more sessions will be announced soon.

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