Saturday, June 18, 2022

Flooding in Bangladesh and India

 If it is not heatwaves and droughts, it is downpours and floods from the changing climate patterns.

Monsoon storms in Bangladesh and India have killed at least 41 people and unleashed devastating floods that left millions of others stranded. Floods are a regular menace to millions of people in low-lying Bangladesh, but experts say climate change is increasing their frequency, ferocity and unpredictability. Relentless downpours over the past week have inundated vast stretches of Bangladesh’s northeast. Forecasters said the floods were set to worsen over the next two days with heavy rains in Bangladesh and upstream in India’s northeast.

Water levels in all major rivers across the country were rising. The country has about 130 rivers.

Dozens dead, millions stranded as floods hit Bangladesh, India | Floods News | Al Jazeera

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