Monday, March 08, 2021

International Women’s Day

“It is a truism, and therefore it is constantly repeated, that no social movement is worth much until it has enlisted the sympathies, aesthetic and practical, of women. The Socialists are constantly preaching this obvious doctrine. They are constantly appealing to women, not on the basis of woman’s rights as against man’s, but of the rights of men, women, and their children of the working classes as against the capitalists. That is the essential difference that marks off the women’s rights movement on the one hand, and the socialist movement of men and women together on the other.” -  Eleanor Marx

 “We, the women, must, above all the rest, bestir ourselves. Us chiefly it concerns, and we must work only with those who can really help us; those who understand that the “salvation” of society means the revolution of society. The old biblical story may serve our turn. We need a deluge — aye! though it were one of blood — to wipe out the sin and wickedness of this society of ours. It is with those who would revolutionise society that our work as women lies.” - Eleanor Marx

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