Sunday, March 28, 2021

Green Capitalism's Opportunism

 Nigel Farage, Brexiteer, has criticised climate activists Greta Thunberg for “alarmism” and said wind power is “economic insanity. ” He holds a long record of scepticism if not outright climate change denialism. 

In 2013, he told the European parliament that “we may have made one of the biggest and most stupid collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming”.

challenging the overwhelming consensus of the global scientific community as well as international bodies such as the United Nations, Farage claimed that “science was not settled” on the climate, and said that “measures we are taking to combat what may or not be a problem are damaging our citizens”.

Farage blames the “explosion” of the population in countries such as China for increasing global emissions, rather than accept the generally higher per capita emissions of citizens of richer countries. Under Farage’s leadership UKIP consistently argued against climate action in the European Parliament

The Dutch Green Business Group which trades and plants trees in the lucrative carbon capture market has now hired Farage for his services in introducing political contacts and his supposed skills in mass communication of ideas, or more truthfully, his ability to deceive.

Carbon offsetting theoretically allows polluting activities to be “carbon neutral”, but many environmental campaigners argue that it offers a front for polluters to continue their business without directly addressing their emissions.

 Farage’s new employers claim that they will “harness free market forces and the access to capital needed to rapidly accelerate the reforestation of Earth”. Reforestation “represents an exciting opportunity for the capital markets and for private individuals”, according to the website. It added that it will “act in great service to all life and to the Creator”.

A politician willing to prostitute himself for filthy lucre does not surprise the blog in the slightest. A business willing to exercise hypocrisy when there is an opportunity to make more money does not come as a surprise this blog,

Nigel Farage appointed to advisory board of green finance firm | Nigel Farage | The Guardian

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