Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Unfit Homes

 The health of millions of citizens is being threatened by the homes they live in. For decades experts have been complaining that millions of people are living in sub-standard or dangerous accommodation.

Recent research by the Building Research Establishment estimated that illness caused by poor housing costs the NHS in England £1.4 billion a year.

There is a "decent homes" standard set by government, but the latest English housing survey - commissioned by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities - found 3.5 million homes failed to reach the minimum requirement.

Of those, 2.2 million have what is called a Category 1 hazard, meaning they present the highest risk of serious harm or death.

Damp and mould - dangers associated with allergies, respiratory disease and damage to the immune system - are found in almost one million homes in England.

5% of social rented properties had damp, 200,000 homes.

2% of owner-occupied properties are damp, which is around 300,000 homes.

10% of private rented have damp problems, which is more than 400,000 homes

It has taken the shameful, needless and unnecessary death of a two-year toddler from respiratory complications because of mould and damp in his local authority home.

What does Awaab Ishak's death tell us about England's housing? - BBC News

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