Sunday, November 06, 2022

People Traffickers Profits


Clearsprings Ready Homes manages asylum seeker accommodation.

Profits for the year ending 31 January 2022 was £28 million, an increase of £24 million on the previous year.

The three directors share of dividends rose from £7m to £27,987,262.

Its annual report states ‘Demand for accommodation for asylum seekers has remained high throughout the year. This has been driven by an ever-increasing influx of asylum applicants to the UK due to high levels of political and economic turmoil in many countries.

As Arthur Daly would say, ‘nice little earner’.

Asylum seekers in hotels receive £8.24 a week.

Folkestone and Hythe Councillor, Connor McConville, said, Clearsprings are a company purely focused on maximising profit. They have no regard for providing humanitarian service.


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