Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Class Ceiling


People from working-class families earn several thousands of pounds a year less on average for doing the same jobs as their more privileged peers, according to a landmark study of the class pay gap.

Professionals from working-class backgrounds earn £6,718 less on average, while women and most ethnic minorities face a double disadvantage, according to the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF), which conducted the research. Working-class professional women earn £9,450 less than men, while working-class Bangladeshi professionals earn £10,432 less than their white counterparts in the same jobs.

Working-class chief executives earn £16,749 less than their peers. Finance managers are paid £11,427 less, and accountants and solicitors have a gap of more than £8,000. Police officers, firefighters and army officers earn £5,229 less than their middle or upper-class peers. Academics face a £5,807 penalty, with £5,123 for IT workers. Teachers and social workers also earn about £2,000 less.

The 13% class pay gap affects hundreds of thousands of people and means that tomorrow marks the day when working-class professionals will effectively start working for free.

Revealed: working class people paid thousands less than middle class peers despite doing same jobs | Class issues | The Guardian

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