Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Faking the Figures

 Greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas facilities around the world are about three times higher than their producers claimed.  Under the UN system, countries are responsible for reporting their own greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Trace, a project to measure at source the true levels of carbon dioxide and other global heating gases, published a new report on Wednesday showing that half of the 50 largest sources of greenhouse gases in the world were oil and gas fields and production facilities.

Many are underreporting their emissions, and there are few means of calling them to account. Atmospheric levels of methane, a greenhouse gas about 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, have been rising strongly in recent years, but countries’ reported emissions of the gas have been found to be much lower than the reality.

 Under-reporting emissions, Al Gore, explained,  “For the oil and gas sector it is consistent with their public relations strategy and their lobbying strategy. All of their efforts are designed to buy themselves more time before they stop destroying the future of humanity.”

Saudi Arabia has reported its oil and gas production emissions. We have measured them empirically and we find a huge gap, that the emissions are larger than those that have been reported. When we look more carefully at the emissions we find from their refining centre, it turns out that the volume of emissions from their refining centre, that have not been reported, exactly match the amount by which their reported admissions are undercounted.

Oil and gas greenhouse emissions ‘three times higher’ than producers claim | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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