Saturday, April 10, 2021

Party Political Activity: May Elections

The Socialist Party is standing 4 candidates in this year’s local and regional elections.

1. We are contesting the Cardiff Central constituency in the elections to the Welsh Assembly (or Senedd, as it now called). This is the same constituency we contested in the 2019 General Election. 

There are 11 candidates. Apart from the usual gang of five in Wales (Labour, Tory, Libdems, Greens and Plaid Cymru)

The others besides us are: 

Reform Party (ex-Brexit Party), Gwlad (a more extreme nationalist party), “Propel: Wales Needs Champions” (another nationalist party, breakaway from Plaid Cymru as too leftwing), Freedom Alliance (an anti-lockdown party campaigning for “no lockdowns, no curfews”), and the Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party. 

Our candidate is Brian Johnson.

Some 43,000 election addresses will be distributed free by Royal Mail.

2. We are contesting two wards in Folkestone in the Kent County Council elections.

(a) Folkestone East, where we are up against Tory, Labour, LibDems and the sitting councillor for the “Foundation Party” (a UKIP remnant). 

Our candidate is Max Hess.

(b) Folkestone West, where our opponents are Tory, Labour, LibDems, Reform (ex-Brexit Party) and an independent. 

Our candidate is Andy Thomas.

We are also standing in a Folkestone Town Council by-election in Central ward. Here it is us versus Tory, Labour, LibDem and two independents. 

Our candidate is Max Hess.

The total electorate is 26,500 but there is no free postal distribution. Our leaflets will be done for some commercially and by Party members.

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