Friday, April 16, 2021

Brasil's Criminal Covid Response

 nearly 362,000 people have died of Covid-19 in Brazil, trailing only the United States with its 565,000 deaths.

 Doctors Without Borders denounced what it called the Brazilian government's "failed Covid-19 response," warning of a "humanitarian catastrophe."

"After accounting for over a quarter of global Covid-19 deaths last week, Brazil does not have an effective plan in place to deal with the pandemic," the international medical charity, known by its French acronym, MSF, stated in a blog post"The pandemic in the country has become politicized, and the government has not adopted science-based measures to try to bring it under control." 

MSF international president Dr. Christos Christou said that "public health measures have become a political battlefield in Brazil. As a result, science-based policies are associated with political opinions, rather than the need to protect individuals and their communities from Covid-19." 

"The lack of political will to adequately respond to the pandemic is killing Brazilians in their thousands," said MSF. "Last week, Brazilians accounted for 11% of the world's Covid-19 infections and 26.2% global Covid-19 deaths. On 8 April, 4,249 deaths from Covid-19 were recorded in a single 24-hour period, alongside 86,652 new Covid-19 infections."

"Last week, intensive care units were full in 21 out of 27 of Brazil's capitals," said MSF. "In hospitals across the country there are ongoing shortages of both oxygen, needed to treat patients who are severely and critically ill, as well as sedatives, needed to intubate critically ill patients. As a result, our teams have seen patients, who may have otherwise had a chance at survival, being left without appropriate medical care."

Pierre Van Heddegem, emergency coordinator for MSF's Covid-19 response in Brazil, said that "not only are patients dying without access to healthcare, but medical staff are exhausted and suffering from severe psychological and emotional trauma due to their working conditions."

"The Brazilian authorities have overseen the unmitigated spread of Covid-19," Christou pointed out. "Their refusal to adapt evidence-based public health measures has sent too many to an early grave. The response in Brazil needs an urgent, science-based reset." Driving home his point once again, Christou added: "I have to be very clear in this: the Brazilian authorities' negligence is costing lives."

'Humanitarian Catastrophe': Doctors Without Borders Slams Brazil's Covid-19 Response | Common Dreams News

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