Friday, April 23, 2021

Buy a Politician

 A dozen top megadonors have pumped a combined $3.4 billion dollars into federal elections since 2009, according to new research.

The massive sum  made up almost one out of every 13 dollars raised during that time period.

The analysis, put out this month by Issue One, a nonpartisan group working to curtail the influence of money in politics, shows that the top 12 big-dollar donors were split evenly between Democrats and Republicans. 

Issue One says the research underscores the flood of money that federal races have seen since restrictions were lifted by the Supreme Court in 2009. 

The Issue One report does not include any figures for state-level races or money given to nonprofit groups involved in any elections.

Top 12 political donors accounted for almost 1 of every 13 dollars raised since 2009: study | TheHill

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