Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Who pollutes the water?

Environment America have revealed who the largest polluters of American waterways are. Environment America's recent analysis specifically addresses releases into waterways, and excludes air pollution and landfill sources.

AK Steel Holding Corp took first place.
Tyson Foods came a very close second.

The Department of Defense (DOD), is the third largest water polluter in America, having dumped some 63,335,653 pounds of poison into waterways from 2010-2014. Amongst the many potentially deadly substances released by DOD are chemicals, rocket fuel and toxic sewage - but it's the carcinogenic and mutagenic radioactive isotopes let loose by its nuclear munition plants that make DOD's emissions exceptionally dangerous. The Department's myriad facilities, dedicated steadfastly to perpetuating ongoing participation in the nuclear bomb game, have been leaking and leeching lethal radiation from the dawn of the nuclear age, to the present day.

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