Monday, July 20, 2015

Then, what happens?

The forthcoming Paris Conference isn’t going to save us from the worst consequences of climate change. It will all but guarantee that we stay on road to catastrophe. Look around...the anger, despair and the fallout of betrayal is breaking out all over. Processes are already at work that are undoing the complicity of capitalism’s crimes against world. People are singing to the music that’s already in the air. But as long as we meekly follow leaders advocating the 2degreeC target things will not change. Capitalism is not necessary for the survival of the species, however socialism is and would be a much better system for the interests of humanity.

Scientists say global warming has altered the jet streams and weather patterns. The ecosystem’s collapse knows no boundaries. Three million people will be without water in Taiwan, as the government drastically rations. In California a prolonged drought has resulted in strict water rationing, too. Global warming accelerates worldwide desertification. China suffers from major desertification with 27% of the country or 2.6 million sq km affected. Woefully, another 1.7 million sq km, or 65% additional land, is at risk of turning to desert for a grand total of 45% of China at risk of desertification. More than 40 percent of Americans live in counties with dangerous levels of ozone or particle pollution. The ocean has become more acidic, coral reefs are dying, we have overfished the oceans.

Is this the world that must be, or may possibly be avoided? We still have a chance to change. When we work to protect this planet, we are working to protect its people and vice versa. Evolving beyond our fossil fuel economy will require serious planning. It won’t be easy or comfortable, but messy and complicated. The very nature of our society with its technologies is driven by the profit motive wherein the greatest profits being sought in the shortest period of time directly impacts our environment. Too many people wants to preserve those profits while preserving the environment. It cannot be done.

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