Tuesday, July 28, 2015

THE OLD BULL AND BUSH! (weekly poem)


Jeb Bush is seeking to be the third member
of the Bush family to become US President.

Three-Hundred Million citizens,
Throughout the USA;
But just one clan for President,
Who think they have a natural bent,
To run the US Government,
From each Election day.

Appointment to the White House job,
Is honourable and fair;
As all can run for the top post,
Provided they can truly boast,
That they have really got ‘the most’--
i.e. a millionaire.

One’s prospects are assisted if,
One is another Bush;
With brains inside one’s dick not head,
(And voters who are easily led)
Plus all those sponsors with the bread,
To fund the final push.

So if you want a poop for Pres.,
Then vote for good ole Jeb;
Or any other millionaire,
Who’ll sob and say they really care,
Just like the spider in its lair,
Says to flies in its web!

© Richard Layton  

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