Friday, May 07, 2021

Eco-Fascism in Glasgow

 In a previous post, Socialism Or Your Money Back blog drew attention to eco-fascism, right-wingers attaching themselves to the environmentalist movement.

This was not hyperbole but a serious attempt by the extreme right to infiltrate the greens to promote their insidious propaganda. The Scottish Green party have raised concerns that a previously unknown fringe party calling itself Independent Green Voice, which had several candidates in the recent Holyrood Parliamentary election.

 Alaistair McConnachie, its founder and fuehrer, is a former UKIP activist until a parting of ways after he was accused of holding anti-semitic and Holocaust denial beliefs, which he repudiates, although he admits to doubting whether the gas chambers actually existed. 

Another candidate is ex-BNP,  Max Dunbar, who is on the Scotland South a former treasurer for the Scottish branch of the British National Party.

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