Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Socialist Letter In The National Press

The Metro national newspaper printed a letter by myself, an SPGB member, in their May 14th edition which follows: 

 I am puzzled at what Chris means by 'what [Boris] Johnson offers is his Tory brand of socialism'.

Socialism would be a worldwide moneyless system without leaders. It would be a world where goods and services are produced for need only.

There has never been a socialist country despite what is said. The Tories, Labour etc. are opposed to socialism.

Joel Thompson, via Email 


schalken said...

This is an important point and I am glad you took the time to make it to a larger audience.

That kind of language is unfortunately common in the US as well. Any kind of state action or spending will be called "socialism." Even tax cuts for the mega-wealthy are called "socialism for the rich."


Many thanks for your comment Schalken. Yes, it's a complete lack of knowledge of what Socialism actually is. Best Wishes, Joel