Monday, May 24, 2021

Common Humanity and Decency

 Locals in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta have stepped in to help the hundreds of mainly Moroccan migrants in dire need of food, clothes and water after aid groups have found themselves unable to help. Migrants have been wandering the streets of Ceuta. Most have no money.

The situation has encouraged some locals to step in by offering the migrants clothes, a place to shower, and food.

Sabah Mohamed said she took action after seeing how much the migrants suffered. “I saw so many people just roaming in the streets and we thought, ‘We have to help them’. There were people who were wet, people who had no shoes, others who were disoriented and who were hungry...So my friends and I, who don't belong to any organisation, decided we needed to help.”

“They give us clothes, we can come have showers here... they give us food and water. It's everything we need, thank God. The people of Ceuta are kind to us,” one migrant at Mohamed's home said.

Ceuta migrant crisis: Locals step in to help as aid groups overwhelmed (

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