Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Worrying about Catching Covid-19

 More than a third of workers are concerned about catching coronavirus on the job, according to a study by the Resolution Foundation think tank.  The poorest paid are particularly worried, the research found, but also the least likely to speak up about it.

Younger workers are also less likely to raise a complaint, the Resolution Foundation said. 

"Given many workers' limited ability to get employers to address Covid concerns, the UK needs a strong enforcement regime to ensure that workplaces are as safe as can be. But instead health and safety resources have been cut, inspections have been slow, and Covid-related enforcement notices are few and far between." Lindsay Judge, research director at the Resolution Foundation, said.

The researchers said they were also concerned about the reduction in funding at the Health and Safety Executive.

 "The Foundation says policy makers should overturn the current view that health and safety is a 'brake on business' and take a more proactive approach to enforcement in the face of the pandemic," it said.


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