Sunday, November 22, 2020

Burning down Parliament in Guatamala

Parts of the Guatemalan parliament were set on fire by anti-government protesters on  Saturday, demonstrating against  controversial budget bill. People took to city and town squares around the country with demands ranging from a presidential veto of the budget bill and prosecution of corruption to resignations across all branches of government and the constitutional assembly.

“We’re tired of corruption,” Karla Figueroa told Al Jazeera at a rally in Guatemala City’s central plaza. “It doesn’t matter which government – they’re all the same,” Figueroa said.

Guatemala’s Congress had passed the budget bill Tuesday night, increasing lawmakers’ own expenses for meals while it axed $25m destined to combat malnutrition. Guatemala has one of the world’s highest rates of chronic malnutrition and the hurricanes have exacerbated hunger; for many, the funding cut affecting malnutrition was the last straw.

Flori Salguero, one of the demonstrators, said she wants Giammattei and the legislators who passed the budget bill to resign.

 “We are tired of so much theft. I don’t want my kids and my grandkids to live in such an indebted country,” she told Al Jazeera.

Due to the failure of the leftist governments in several countries in Latin America ( South, Central and Caribbean )  peoples have elected right wings government but it has been proven that both sides  are two wings of the same bird known as capitalism, and both sides have been allied or representative of the local  ruling class, and also it has been proven that the problems facing the working class  around the world are not the presidents, political parties,  or the ministers, it is the mode of production, but due to the lack of proletarian consciousness peoples are going to come back to fall in  the hands of the left

The governments are placing austerity on the peoples because as we have said for many years that the state is financed with surplus-value and the rich peoples are not contributing with any taxes and the state is forced to cut down education, social benefits, and health services, but they have increased the budget for state ministers, and debts with the IMF,  in some countries, ministers arrive at the congress palace without any money and they leave driving helicopters and Rolls Royce and living in big mansions, and religious leaders ( Catholics and protestants )  are also allied of the right-wingers because they are also part of the budget

The ironic thing is that the Vice President of Guatemala has asked the President to resign and he will also resign for the good of the country, but probably it is just another political tactic to look for his own re-election later on, but the president insists staying in power. This is a different situation to the USA where one sector of the working class is supporting their own rulers, but in this case,  the peoples are rejecting all of them.

This is a very corrupted government involved in several criminal activities including drug trafficking and it is one of the puppets of the USA, there is a  saying in Latin America that when the USA intervene in any country, drugs and corruption come along with that, it is like in Haiti since the invasion the traffic of drugs has increased drastically, but drugs traffic is also part of the production of profits in the capitalist system, it like selling cars, chairs or any other capitalist commodity.

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