Tuesday, November 17, 2020

American Health Care - Who Cares?

 The National Nurses United (NNU) reports that hospitals are raising costs for healthcare by as much as 18 times over the actual cost of services—hitting Covid-19 patients with medical costs amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. 

"These are not markups for luxury condos, they are for the most basic necessity of your life: your health," tweeted NNU on Monday. 

The 100 most expensive U.S. hospitals charge up to $1,808 for every $100 of their costs. Nationwide, hospitals' markups for healthcare costs have doubled over the past two decades, with medical centers charging an average of $417 for every $100 they actually spend providing care.

 In another recent study by FAIR Health found that average hospital charges for a Covid-19 patient with no comorbidity or complication were $42,486, while patients with major complications during their treatment are charged an average of $74,310.

  • Private Health insurance Companies do not provide healthcare - They only pay the bills. For this ‘service’, they skim 20% +/- off the top for themselves, leaving less of your money for your care. 

  • Private Insurance companies have no incentive to keep prices down in fact the more healthcare costs go up, the more money THEY make.

  • Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.

  • For Profit insurance means Less healthcare = more profit. How will that motive affect their decisions for you and your family?

  • Private-based insurance still leaves you with Corporate Death Panels. Their requirement for profit sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you, or not.

  • Private-based insurance still includes co-pays, deductibles, limits, MEDICAL BANKRUPTCY, and for most, ties you to your employer. If you lose your job, you probably lose your healthcare care.

The United States does not have a Health CARE Problem — It has some of the finest medical care, medical doctors, and medical equipment in the entire world.   What it does have is the WORST Health INSURANCE Problem on the planet!!!

The ancient Greek oath is, 'First, Do No Harm...’  and the modern interpretation is, ‘...First, Do Nothing For Free!’

Socialism or continued barbarism! The whole damn system has got to go.

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