Monday, November 30, 2020

Promises now - Betrayal later


Biden is really the tool of Wall St. And it is why did so many of the bankers and industrialists and the big business media endorsed him. They regarded Biden as a more tractable tool, not a different but a better instrument for their designs than Trump. Biden has proved supreme in the art of deception. His liberal camouflage often appeared so realistic that it has even frightened some capitalists further on the right. Biden’s ability to make people think they are getting something has been his greatest contribution to the preservation of capitalism. For his primary objective is to save the capitalist system. He attempts to do this by reconciling the workers to the interests of the bosses. Biden may loathe inequality but he loves capitalism more.


 Biden may well sit at the desk in the Oval Office but behind him stands the CEOs of Wall St. They will carry out their strategic aim – saving capitalism.

What makes a businessman tick? The lust for profit that means a callous disregard for the education structures and the health system. This present system twists and distorts the capitalists until they become monsters.

 Wealth flows into the hands of an ever narrowing circle of corporations completely dominated by a handful of capitalists who perform, no function in production whatsoever. At the same time the industrial machine becomes so complex, involves such an intricate organization, requires such a vast number of workers for its operation, is so highly productive, that it is completely ripe for the next stage of society’s development, the socialist system of production for use instead of profit. 

The purpose of the World Socialist Party is to assist our fellow-workers in taking control over our lives away from Big Business and vest it in ourselves. Future generations will wonder why we took so long to act. Not a day passes but what the WSP charges against the profit system is supported by new examples of the inefficient operations of this Big Business-controlled society. Quite naturally, Big Business believes capitalism is the best of all possible systems. It is – for Big Business. But it is hell for the people. Or haven’t you had enough yet? If you have bad enough, and are looking for a program to fight capitalism intelligently, join the World Socialist Party of the United States.

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