Saturday, November 30, 2019


Capitalism is a spectacle of riches piled up on one side in the hands of the capitalist class and immense poverty for the overwhelming majority of the peoples. The Socialist Party has endeavored to explain these things, to educate our fellow-workers to understand their lot under capitalism and to win .it over to socialism as the only hope of freedom, and security for all of mankind. Real security and plenty for all will come with the abolition of the capitalist system of exploitation and the production of the needs of life for use rather than profit. 

The Socialist Party is committed to transforming this social order of capitalism into a new system for the betterment of the whole human race, i.e., socialism. Our party is different from the big capitalist parties. They are measured solely by their wealth, the lies they tell, and the false promises they give. The Socialist Party, as an organization representing the interests of labour. Size alone is pretty unimportant in relation to principle. And the Socialist Party prides itself because in the years of our existence it has conducted itself in an exemplary way, defending the interests of labour and carrying on the struggle against the capitalist system for a new and better society. The responsibilities of the Socialist Party is clear. First and foremost it is to tell the workers the truth. Ours is a party of, for and by labour, the party of the future.

Workers will say: “Yes, it sounds good, but it will never be,” or “It’s a fine idea, but it will never work” or similar comments. The Socialist Party offers a vision before their eyes.

Not only are untold millions unnecessarily materially deprived but the great majority of the people of the world are oppressed in various ways. Capitalists oppress workers, states oppress whole classes, some nations dominate other nations, men oppress women, etc. Even those people who escape the worst excesses of oppression and exploitation often find that their lives are empty and meaningless; they experience severe alienation. Wherever one looks around the world, people are turned away from each other and thrown into all manner of conflicts. The human species is even developing an antagonistic relationship with its environment. Slowly but surely by poisoning the atmosphere, polluting the oceans and ravaging the land, nature is being turned against us. None of these things is an isolated accident: rather they are increasingly are all interconnected in one way or another. It is clear that although the human species has shown itself able to radically change itself and the world it lives in, it has not yet brought these processes under full conscious control. Our species has developed to the point where, if we so choose, we can choose to be in harmony with one another and with our environment so as to bring about our further development in a positive direction. At the root of all these problems is the exploitation of some people by other people. In the world at large, the principal form this takes is the capitalist class exploiting the working class. All of the deprivations and conflicts mentioned here are in the last analysis brought about by a society divided into oppressors and oppressed. No lasting solution to any of these problems will be found while capitalism is allowed to survive in the world. For the working class the only way forward is to struggle to bring about proletarian revolution and begin the struggle to eventually build a socialist society where oppressive and exploitative class divisions and all the evils that go with them are abolished. Today,  humanity  stands at a turning point: either we develop further by means of the socialist transformation of society or we are eventually destroyed. There is nothing inevitable about the further advancement of the human species. The only real, lasting way forward is socialism but whether or not this road is taken is a matter of decision for human beings. The working class has it within its power to overthrow capitalist society and in so doing to pave the way for the liberation of the whole of humankind.

The Socialist Party shall do everything within its capabilities to stimulate the working class to overthrow its capitalist masters. History never stands still: if we do not move forward then we will move backwards. The choice before us in the coming period is, as Karl Marx once put it, “Socialism or Barbarism”.

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