Saturday, November 16, 2019

This is what a dictatorship looks like

Despite departing Bolivia to minimise the possibility of violence Evo Morales gesture appears to have failed. Morales has said he was forced to stand down but did so willingly "so there would be no more bloodshed"  and in order to stop fellow party colleagues from being "harassed, persecuted and threatened"

Bolivian security forces whose withdrawal of loyalty were instrumental to Morales forced resignation have clashed with supporters of the exiled former president, Evo Morales, leaving at least five people dead and dozens more wounded or injured. Elderly people and children were caught in the violence and tried to seek shelter. The protesters  were majority indigenous.

The head of the powerful Bolivian Workers’ Center (COB) union, Juan Carlos Huarachi, said on Friday that the group was open to dialogue to help stop the bloodshed. 
“We are seeing the army and the police mobilized, using tear gas, firing bullets and that worries us.”

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