Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The need for a socialist party

The golden rule of capitalism is the rule of profit. To continually increase their profits, the capitalists do everything in their power to speed-up production and decrease wages. It also means that each capitalist strives to concentrate production by buying increasingly efficient and powerful machines, which, by reducing the costs of production, allow him to get an edge over his capitalist competitors. In this race for maximum profits, the strongest capitalists win out, forming coalitions and financial groups controlling capital worth billions. National borders are too constricting for its unlimited thirst for profits. Through the massive export of capital to other countries, interference and hegemony, diplomatic domination and brutal warfare, the global capitalist class spreads its tentacles around the world. Imperialism is not a new social regime, but rather an aspect of capitalism.

On every side is distress and confusion. Rising prices, falling wages, the uncertainty of a secure job; wars and ever new threats of conflicts; all these are the daily conditions of life now. To-day all the shams of capitalism are exposed. It is the same struggle of all the workers all over the world. The same conditions and the same needs exist everywhere. Capitalism can only maintain itself by driving down the workers, by harder and harder exploitation. Longer hours, lower wages  these are the offerings of capitalism. If the workers in this country do not awaken in time to the issue before them a terrible fate awaits all here. It will mean a blind and helpless struggle, chaotic violence and mindless destruction, wild outbursts of anger and inevitably suppression. The greatest need of the workers is a powerful mass socialist party.

The capitalist world heaps misery upon misery upon backs of the toiling masses. For countless millions of human beings life today is one of hunger, unbearable toil and black anxiety. Everywhere the capitalist rulers look anxiously for remedies. But they can find no way out.

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