Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Profits or People?

There exists a great divide between the haves and the have-nots in this capitalist world. The way of the people must be to sweep out of power the capitalists and their politicians. To eat and live in peace, to have security for themselves and their children, the working people will have to take over production themselves. The Socialist Party is standing for the abolition wage slavery. We attacked the profit system and all forms of social oppression.

By socialism we meat that all the wealth created by the workers became the common property of the working class, as it should be. Under capitalism, workers have no control over what is produced and how. All that is decided by how much profit some capitalist will gain. But socialism enables the working class to decide how to organize itself and the resources of society to meet the needs of the people. As long as profit for the few is the basis of the economic system, that system – capitalism – will continue to go from crisis to deeper crisis, with more misery for the masses of people

Apologists advocate a “just wage.” A “just” wage is enough to keep a person alive and fit to return to work the next day – provided he or she is frugal. All such schemes of “partnership” and “cooperation” are designed to persuade the workers that they do not need to engage in class struggle, that the owning class and the propertyless class have the “same interests,” that exploiters and exploited need only “sit down and plan together” under the “guidance” of a benevolent capitalist government and all the inherent evils of capitalism will disappear. There can be no “fair pay” in an unfair world

The Socialist Party are not alone in their endeavour to chart a new world free of nationalism. But they are alone in knowing what to do about it. The contradictions of capitalist society as a world profit economy resting on a system of national states is all too apparent. We see for labor a future freed from the profit system of capitalism. The boss class is entirely superfluous as far as the real productive processes are concerned. The function of the capitalist owners has for a long time been merely to control and manoeuvre the course of industry to yield the most profits.

It is time for the workers to laugh in the faces of the demagogues of all political shades, with their windy promises to do this and that for labour. Labour doesn’t need anybody to do anything for it – and furthermore nobody will do anything for labour. Labour can and must get on its own. It has the numbers, it has the industrial power, it has the progressive ideas, it has the executive ability in its own ranks. It needs only to sever the links to the pro-capitalist parties. To cut loose from the capitalist class, to step out into independent political action, to supplant the useless capitalist class in the ownership and control of production – these are the historic tasks that the working class can and must perform.

A new consciousness has sprouted up, worldwide, amongst  students, youth, trade-union activists, environmentalists, and human rights and religious people. The destructive results of unbridled capitalist globalisation on our planet have become so blatant that a new opposition movement is pressing for controls on capital and for radical alternatives to the profit system. This new movement holds great potential for all of us who are out to change the world towards a place where human solidarity and human needs come first. But the battle of ideas is intense within it, and the outcome of this battle will shape the future of the movement.

The Tories and the Labour are two cheeks of one backside. The only difference between them is that the Tories are in office and Labour is out of government. But in the final analysis, they are both serve by the same master – the City of London industrialists and financiers. But these parties do not say or even do the identical thing. They have special and different duties to perform towards their common master. Holding the reins of power, its policies and actions must not only be directed towards maintaining the status quo (the capitalist system) but also to defend the methods employed during their tenure of office, to perpetuate the system. The trickery of the Labour Party arises from the discontent and despair rife throughout the land. But it is still vague, embryonic and undirected. It is not yet clear to people how to turn or against which enemy their blows should be levelled. The role of the Labour Party is to seize hold of this unrest and to guide it into harmless channels. It is to prevent the people from seeing things as they actually are. It is not the Capitalist system that is responsible for the misery. The profit system is both perfect and eternal. This is the theory of Labour. But the Tories have misused and abused the “precious” system. And this is the main plank of Labour’s opposition. The crisis is all are due to the Tory maladministration. Drive Boris Johnson out, put Jeremy Corbyn in, and everything will be alright. This sort of tripe has been peddled for years and years but still has its effect. As long as the parasitic few, known as “capitalists”, have held sway over the large majority of exploited wage slaves, crises have recurred irrespective of which party was in office. Labour will pose as saviours of the worker, restoring employment, better conditions, higher wages and permanent relief to the people yet will stand by capitalism to their dying day. Labour have nothing but fake promises and honeyed words.

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