Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Andrew - A Princely Pimp

The media is very rightly revealing Prince Andrew’s friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and suggesting that Prince Andrews had a criminal under American law sexual relationship with youngster Virginia Giuffre, formerly Roberts, who was trafficked around the world to provide sexual services for Epstein.

This Grand Old Duke of York has a history of using his royal position for advancing his personal and private interests. 

Prince Andy Pandy is well known for prostituting his royal position in the interests of Big Business and dictators. He once held a role as "special representative" for Trade and Investment since 2001 that he would relinquish in 2011 following criticism of his association with a convicted child sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, and business connections with dictators including Colonel Gaddafi. Nevertheless, it has been business as usual. The prince still met heads of states and engages in trade missions. He made official visits to the Middle Eastern state of Bahrain to promote the UK., a country where Human Rights Watch, "found a pattern of serious human rights violations that included the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters, arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture and ill-treatment of detainees".

The government asked Prince Andrew to make the trip as part of Britain's "Great" campaign to boost business. Bahrain's government, dominated by members of its royal family, has been accused by campaigning groups of a string of human rights abuses since 2011. Critics claim little has changed since then and trouble has flared up consistently since those first demonstrations.

Andrew, the parasitic Grand Old Duke of York was due £4million in commission from a business deal in corrupt Kazakhstan, leaked emails reveal. The Queen’s son was working as a special trade envoy when he helped kick start the £385 million venture on behalf of Swiss and Greek clients. Andy Pandy is well-known for prostituting his royal position in the interests of Big Business and dictators.

In April 2011, the Prince used his relationship with Kazakh oligarch Kenges Rakishev to help a Greek utility firm and a Swiss finance house bid for infrastructure contracts. Aras Capital, from Zurich, and EYDAP, Greece’s largest water firm wanted to build water and sewage networks in two of Kazakhstan’s largest cities. For his role, Prince Andrew was reportedly to be offered a commission fee of one per cent – or around £3.83million.

Sadly the deal went sour when Kazakh police opened fire on a group of striking oil workers, killing 14, and EYDAP pulled out for fear of being caught up in political turmoil and the poor prince lost out. 

Prince Andrew has defended the bonuses given to British bankers, and was quoted as saying: “Bonuses, in the scheme of things, are minute. They are easy to target.” He added “So get rid of the excesses, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

 The Prince of Harlot has already provided ample evidence that he cares little for peace, liberty and justice as the pimp for capitalism. 
(Apologies to the Bard)

Prince Andrew, who has been criticised for his friendship
with US convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been
cited in an underage sex case which he and the Palace
strongly deny—unlike their normal ‘no comment’ tactic

Perhaps he doth protest too much,
Our randy-Andy Prince;
But are his strenuous denials,
Sufficient to convince?
What we know of  the Royal Male,
He’ll use his courtly clout;
And all his brown-nosed Windsor sauce,
To put himself about!

Young nephew ‘Dirty Harry’ is
A case we have in mind;
His Vegas hotel orgy shows, (1)
How Princes are inclined!
Does Andy send out raunchy texts,
Like elder brother Chas; (2)
To demonstrate they much prefer,
A lifestyle on the razz?

So the main question we’ll put to,
This rumoured ponce of York;
Is does he stalk the underage
To satiate his stalk?  
Whatever the reality,
To save the Royal Brand;
The Palace will try to hush-up,
A minor one-night stand!

(1) Photos of a naked Prince Harry
and a girl appeared in the media.

(2) Prince Charles sent a message to Camilla
saying he wished he was one of her tampons.

© Richard Layton  


We need a brand new Royal Yacht,
To boost 'our' export trade;
So that the workers with their shares,
Will more than have it made!
The Royal Yacht 'Britannia' was,
Scrapped twenty years ago;
That’s why we've had Austerity,
And a wage-rise go-slow.

If only half-starved Andy had,
Gone to more business 'do's';
Upon a brand new Royal Yacht,
Whilst on a luxury cruise,
We'd not be in the state were in,
Short of two-million pounds,
Spent on Eugenie's wedding that,
For us was out of bounds!

Such brand new junkets could help raise,
Three-Fifty million quid;
The true cost of the Royals each year, (1)
That’s usually well hid.
So vote my fellow workers for,
A brand new Royal Yacht;
And hope an iceberg heaves in view,
And scuttles the damn lot!

(1) The official figure of £40m p.a. does not include the Royal
security bill incurred by the Metropolitan Police nor the cost of
visits picked up by local councils. Nor does income from the
Duchy's of Lancaster and Cornwell go to the government. The
annual cost of the Monarchy is estimated by Republic at £345m.

© Richard Layton

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