Monday, November 25, 2019

Socialist Rant (No. 1) - (poem)

Socialist Rant
(No. 1)

The EU referendum has emboldened Brexiteers to swagger with authority,
Which is rather brazen faced of a deluded minority.
In truth, they did marginally trounce the often sanctimonious Remainers,
But they conveniently discount the exasperated Abstainers.
And yet, Remainers plus Abstainers add up enough to detain us
In the EU. I’d better explain. We who withheld our crosses,
Agreeing with neither goers nor stayers, cut our losses.
Those who were suffered unto suffrage might groan, gripe and grumble
That the vote is precious and if not exercised democracy could crumble.
I agree, the ballot box is potentially a treasure chest stuffed with political gold
And that makes a vote far too valuable to be thoughtlessly sold
For a mass of pottage or a potted message
Stirred up by book cookers with sour headlines in the pressage.
What’s generally offered as golden to the electorate by the high and mightese,
Is, invariably, merely the glister of pyrites.
Such is the nature of a plebiscite,
The result is usually right, far right.
Thus a three-way split, a trinity of views,
Becomes the largest third claiming victory, so the majority lose.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore, there are some
Who are demanding a second referendum,
As if by shifting in their favour the few percentage points involved
There’ll be reconciliation with the issue solved.
Unfortunately, although divided by sentiments visceral and strong,
Both sides are equal…equally wrong.
Should Brexiteers vanquish those they regard as traitors,
The victors would be financiers and speculators.
Yet, if Remainers poll well and the second vote clears,
The winners would be speculators and financiers.
Heads or tails, out or in,
Hedge funds are bound to win,
Remainers, Brexiteers, et al
Having voted in compliance with capital.
European Union or some alternative trading arrangement,
Is to agree to maintain the existing international economic derangement,
Whereby democracy’s present intent
Is to persuade the vast majority to give their votes freely to the one percent.

 Cutty Soames

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