Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Election Time

The Socialist Party has no intention of ignoring the election. We intend to use it as a way to put forward our aims. More and more of us are refusing to vote. Time and time again we’ve seen their promises and phony solutions turn sour yet the politicians always sweetened their policies with honey for Big Business.

Each and every day working people suffer the reality of low-paying jobs, bad working conditions, poor health care, dilapidated housing and bad education for our kids. We can see our whole lives going down the drain. But there’s a growing consciousness among working people that we don’t have to take things as they are. It frightens the ruling class to see that people are uniting to fight for what we need. The rich are trying to prevent more workers from joining this movement, trying to appease our anger by telling us to vote for their political front men. To keep us under control, they tell us, “everything will work out if you have trust in the system and use your ’right’ to vote for the best man to do the job.” To stir up more enthusiasm so voters feel that they really are making a big decision in their lives, the media plays up certain key issues. It is indisputable that the issue of Brexit is overshadowing everything else in this election. They really have no answer, no solutions as to how to better the lives of working people. They offer no cure because they have no cure. Our misery is a natural part of their system and making a law to get rid of it is like trying to cure cancer by making it illegal. For the capitalist there is only one law–the law of profits. The closing of companies, low wages, speed-up, and lay-offs are part of everyday life under a system where capitalists compete with each other by squeezing out as much wealth as they can from our labour. Only as long as the capitalists can make a profit from our sweat do they give us the “right” to slave for them. The only way to keep their profits up is to grind more from workers. The capitalists may fear a workers’ growing fight back but they are even more afraid that the people will begin to see that all our problems are a result, not just of a handful of greedy bosses, but that these problems are a permanent part of life under the ruling capitalist class and their whole rotten system.

No one could fail to notice the enormous discontentment. Politically, in the main, it is still harnessed within the traditional channels, flowing from one capitalist party to another.

With the elections the capitalists are trying their best to spread the illusion to convince us that we really run the country. The capitalists have set their election bait in a trap hoping to catch us and to herd us into the polling places on election day. We must fight on our own to win the things we need. The Socialist Party presents the fundamental solution of the problems of the working class. It is our task to fight at every step of the road against reformism.

On 12th December those working people in Cardiff Central and in Folkestone & Hythe will have the opportunity to vote for the Socialist Party candidates, Brian Johnson and Andy Thomas, respectively. 

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