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We Said it Then, We Say it Now (4)

Another in our series of past election manifestoes. This one is from February 1974, a year that had two general elections.


From The Socialist Party of Great Britain

General Election Statement

THIS snap election does not enable us to put up any candidates and run a worthwhile campaign. But we have important things to say. In all reason, by now you must be nearly submerged under the deluge of election propaganda.'Honourable settlement'; 'Fair shares'; 'One nation'. Cynical phrases that reek of unreality. Do you really think that whichever Government is elected, it will mean any major change or solve the fundamental problems that confront us. In a lifetime you have seen successive Governments making bold promises, trying to grapple with situations, going out of office, their promises unfulfilled.

YOU and millions like you are now asking Cannot something be done? Must we always live with unemployment, war, price rises, industrial conflict, poverty and insecurity? The answer is an emphatic YES if you continue to support those out-moded political ideas that you have held in the past. This challenge is not only to the Tory supporter with his idea of 'a national identity'; to the Labour man with his 'radical' proposals for more nationalisation; to the thousands of young people on the ' Left fringe' who still talk of 'Revolutionary situations'; 'Smash the State', etc.ideas as phoney as they are harmful to the workers. Our challenge is to everyone. The time has come for you to take an honest look at your position, and urgently. To take a stand in the class struggle. Not to try and patch up by social reform, a wreck of a system, but to take part in a world-wide movement to build a new way of lifea Socialist society.

SOCIAL problems arise from the inexorable workings of the capitalist system. These are not British problems but world problems, linked with world capitalism, whether in Russia, America, China, or the rest of the world. A crazy set-up, where the world and its riches are owned by a few. Where you, the worker, sell your ability to an employer, the capitalist, in order to live. Where profit is the lynch pin in production. Profitable buying and sellinghuman needs an afterthought. This is the system which Heath and the Tories have been unable to control. Like the previous Labour Government, they have been blown off course. They might get returned to have another crack. Or will the Labour Party breakdown gang be given another chance to fumble with running repairs; they were hardly successful last time. Frankly, the outcome is no concern of ours.

THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN is a revolutionary organisation. Our one object is the establishment of Socialism. A Social system in which the means of production and distribution are owned by the whole of mankind, regardless of race or sex. COMMON OWNERSHIP. A WAY with buying and selling IN with production for use. AWAY with money IN with distribution according to need. AWAY with the wages system IN with contribution according to ability. IN with co-operation for the common good. Socialism will alone solve the basic conflicts that confront society. It cannot be established by waving a magic wand, by a new political leader or a bunch of so-called intellectuals. It is YOU and YOU alone who hold the key. Socialism will be democratically brought about by political action, when you in a majority understand and desire it. Not a moment before.

SOCIALISM is not just a bread and butter effort. It can release and utilise our potential, so long strangled by the un-natural atmosphere of capitalism. The new society will mean fulfilment to us as human beings.

LET your imagination run riot. The possibilities for achieving a full and enjoyable life are legion. It's up to you. 1974 could be a momentous year in your life. Find out more about THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN. Help our movement for Social Revolution.

February 1974

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