Tuesday, March 03, 2015



The MP’s, Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind are leaving
Parliament at the Election after ‘cash for access’ scandals

They’re both ex-Foreign-Secretaries,
Who claim they’ve done no wrong;
That’s why each so-called ‘Gentleman’,
Is swiftly leaving whilst he can,
Before the real merde hits the fan,
In an unpleasant pong!

And like some others of their throng,
They had their eye on cash;
But there’ll be no sad parting sobs,
From these two Parliamentary yobs,
As when they take up their new jobs,
They’ll then increase their stash.

These MP’s spread the balderdash,
Their job was “doing good”;
But public service was a chore,
And so they made new contacts for,
New contracts to improve, threescore
Their later livelihood. 

It said that everybody should,
Choose their MP with pride;
But we know in our heart of hearts,
They’re well-versed in the darkest arts,
And thus they’ve got sufficient smarts,
To take folk for a ride.

So working people get on side,
Don’t sit upon the fence;
But recognise these smarmy two,
Both Labour Red and Tory Blue,
Were there for what they both could screw,
And let’s have no pretence.

And when each pleads in their defence,
They toiled to “earn one’s corn”;
Remind them that we working folk,
Dislike the mirrors and the smoke,
And being suckered ain’t no joke;
And spit on them with scorn!

© Richard Layton

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