Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MOONLIGHT BEHIND YOU? (our weekly poem)

(Apologies to Noel Coward)

Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, admits to
‘screwing up’ after being forced to concede that he was
‘moonlighting’ by still running his software business under
the alias of ‘Michael Green’ when he became an MP

Who’d want to purchase a used car,
From ‘Honest Grant V.Shapps’;
In view of all his posturing,
And his poor memory lapse?!
Who’d want to buy some software from,
The so-called Michael Green; (1)
When he was really Grant V. Shapps,
Behind a smoky screen?

His product known as ‘Stinking Rich’,
Would make “a ton of cash”;
For those of the same vapid mind,
And equally as flash.
“A chancer” says the Guardian,
And so he’ll likely sue; (2)
Because flash gits will always try,
To cover-up what’s true.

But some will still go nuts in May, (3)
And vote for his smooth charm;
But others will use common sense,
And see right through his smarm?
Shapps somehow seems to typify,
Most politics today;
Self-serving and quite vacuous,
In each and every way.

(1) Shapps used the alias, Michael Green,
when selling his software, ‘Stinking Rich’.

(2) The Guardian newspaper revealed that
he threatened to sue a constituent who
tweeted an exposure of his double life.

(3) General Election in 2015.

© Richard Layton

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