Saturday, March 14, 2015

Open Letter to Danny Dorling

Consider the following:
•     The world has a million or so multimillionaires with disposable wealth of over $7 million each
•     About 100,000 people have assets of over $50 million
•     A fifth of the UK population say they can barely get by financially
•     One family in three in Britain has a member who suffers from depression or chronic anxiety disorder
•     Life expectancy in Britain can vary by as much as twelve years depending on where you live
•     There is no difficulty in producing enough food for everyone on the planet, and bad harvests are not the reason people go hungry

The above points are all taken from your writings. So you clearly see that there is much wrong with the current social system in terms of inequality of wealth and health and the pressure it places on so many people. In a recent letter to the local press, however, you merely recommended voting for the National Health Action Party, as a way of expressing support for the NHS.

Why just fight against the attacks of austerity and cutbacks which are continual and relentless given the present way of organising society? Instead let’s fight for a totally new system, one where the resources of the planet belong to everyone rather than to a tiny class of super-rich (the one percent as they’re often called nowadays). Where production takes place to meet human need rather than the profits of the few. Where effort is put into producing food, housing, clothing, and the other things and services we need, rather than wasted on advertising, armed forces and the paraphernalia of the money system, such as credit cards, banks and insurance. Where people are free of the oppression and exploitation caused by class and state.

Mike Foster, Socialist Party candidate, Oxford West & Abingdon.
Kevin Parkin, Socialist Party candidate, Oxford East.

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