Friday, March 13, 2015

A world without bosses

The political integrity of the Socialist Party is of the utmost importance to our members. All the votes cast for our party would do us no good if we ceased to be a revolutionary party, discarding principles for the sake of votes. We decline to kowtow to rival parties and to join hands with them to secure temporary political advantage which can only result in compromising our guiding ideas and bringing disaster to our party.

We make it clear that the Socialist Party seeks the votes only of those who want socialism. Vote-catching ploys and making opportunist statements which are not compatible with our Declaration of Principles so as to make the socialist case seem more enticing to our fellow workers commits an injustice to our party, as well as to those who would under those circumstances misguidedly cast their vote for ourselves. If we promised a host of reform measures then these votes would not express support for socialism but for those false remedies and in the next ensuing election are quite as apt to be turned against us, if another party comes up with an even more palatable platform of palliatives. Votes acquired by seeking ameliorations of workers’ conditions under capitalism are not votes for socialism but are fictitious. In our election campaign we state our principles clearly, speak the truth, seeking not to flatter, but only to convince our fellow workers and win them over to our cause through an intelligent understanding of our case.

No possible good can come from any kind of a political alliance with any other supposed “workers” or “progressive” party. We most certainly seek the support of trade-unionists, environmental campaigners and community activists but only of those who desire socialism and are ready to vote and work with us for the overthrow of capitalism. We hold no brief for those candidates who engage in political demagoguery merely for the sake of votes and we hold in contempt those who seek election for the mere sake of holding office. Their manifestoes are filled with empty platitudes and meaningless phrases. The Socialist Party buys no votes with false promises or wishful thinking.

 The Socialist Party is the only party which honestly represents the working class in this general election. The Socialist Party is the political expression of the working class and stands for the absolute overthrow of the existing capitalist system and for the re-organisation of society into an industrial and social democracy. This will mean an end to the private or government ownership of the means of life; it will mean an end to wage slavery; it will mean an end to the poverty. It means the beginning of a new era of civilisation; that this Earth is for all who inhabit it and its wealth for all to share in. It will mean society organised upon a co-operative basis, collectively owning the sources of wealth and the means of production to satisfy human wants and not for a privileged few.

It will mean that there shall be work for those who seek it and also means that there shall be leisure for whoever desires it. Men and women shall be the comrades, sharing the opportunities as well as the responsibilities and the benefits of socialism. The Socialist Party is the party of the dispossessed and the impoverished. It stands for a world-wide social democracy, for the freedom of every man, woman and child. The election campaign of the Socialist Party is essentially educational for those willing to consider a new type of society.

At long last, the working class are beginning to open their eyes to see that we are being pitted against one another by the capitalist parties. Slowly but surely there is being established the unity and solidarity of the workers of the world. The Socialist Party is the political expression of that unity and solidarity. The Socialist Party challenges the right of capitalism to exist and appeals to the world’s workers upon the lines of their class interests. The Socialist Party candidate make no pretence of attempting to serve both business and the workers.

The Socialist Party calls upon fellow workers to join in the overthrow of capitalism through capturing the powers of government and transferring the ownership of the world from the capitalist class to the working class. We point to the colossal corruption of capitalism, the cant, the chicanery, the cronyism and the crookedness of capitalist society, and urge workers to join the struggle to usher in a better world.

The Socialist Party Candidates
Bill Martin - Islington North; Danny LambertVauxhall; Brian Johnson - Swansea West; Steve Colborn Easington; Kevin Parkin - Oxford East; Mike Foster - Oxford West and Abingdon; Robert CoxCanterbury; Andy Thomas - Folkestone and Hythe; Howard Pilott - Brighton Pavilion; Jacqueline Shodeke - Brighton Kemptown.

My spoiled ballot paper is a write-in vote for WORLD SOCIALISM and the Socialist Party.

Those who support and endorse a society of co-operation without buying and selling, where goods and services will be voluntarily produced and supplied to meet people's wants and where all people can take freely the things they need and which will be a world without frontiers or leaders or a State, should be voting for the Socialist Party candidates who are advocating such social system. Those who are not in constituencies that offer the Socialist Party choice should use the election as an opportunity for a write-in vote for world socialism. One or two spoiled ballot papers can be ignored, tens of thousands or even millions cannot be, especially if backed by a vocal protest movement.

The Socialist Party doesn't propose de facto disenfranchisement of the worker by promoting political abstention. Acquiring the vote was a gain for the working class and became a potential class weapon, a potential "instrument of emancipation". In Britain, the provisions for voter registration, nomination of candidates, and counting of votes can be used to express the desire for socialism. So the Socialist Party says one way to show that you accept the electoral system but yet reject the sham choice is to go and use it but do not vote for any of the candidates and instead write-in for world socialism.

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