Friday, March 06, 2015

The Genuine Alternative

Text of a letter, as yet unpublished, to the Editor, Canterbury Times
Dear Ms Smith,
In your report on a forthcoming general election hustings meeting (4th March, page 11) you mentioned “the five men vying for the seat of Canterbury and Whitstable”.
All five listed accept that the way society is organised today - the market system (capitalism) – either cannot or should not be changed.
The article missed the fact that The Socialist Party of Great Britain is also standing here, to raise the issue of ending this system, which we believe cannot be made to work for the majority of the people.
We propose a world cooperative society where wealth is produced and owned in common, and freely shared according to need.  A classless democratic society where decisions are made for the common good rather than for the benefit of a rich elite, whose wealth and power comes only from the hard work of the rest of us.
I hope all your readers will be able to attend one of the meetings to which I have been invited and have a chance to hear the case for a genuine alternative: a peaceful, democratic revolution via the ballot box.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Cox
prospective parliamentary candidate for Canterbury & Whitstable

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