Tuesday, March 17, 2015

“BRITISH VALUES”! (Weekly poem)


Prince Charles has voiced alarm at the radicalisation
of British youth and the decline of “British values”

The Prince claims that ‘Free Radicals’ (!)
Are duping British youth;
In case they wise-up to the Royals,
And Bruv, ain’t that the truth!
Charles worries that our values could,
In future times be dead;
Especially those that keep his kind,
Exceedingly well-fed!

So British values are the tops,
Or so he likes to say;
And better than that foreign sort,
Outside of the U.K..
Take British justice, it’s the best--
Superior and how!
As when our soldiers burnt alive,
Those ‘Terrorist’ Mau-Mau. (1)

Of course it’s just coincidence,
When we set Kenya free;
These ‘Terrorists’ then disappeared, (2)
From our ex-colony.
So “British values” everywhere,
Kill people every day;  (3)
Unlike that good ole Government,
In the U.S. of A.!

(1) Anti-British Kenyan ‘freedom’ movement. About 1.25 million
Kenyans were held in concentration camps and closed villages.
Thousands were burnt alive, castrated, had ears sliced off, eyes put
out, etc. Some recently obtained damages in London High Court.

(2) “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Gerald Seymour.

(3) 2015 could be the first time in a hundred years that the British Army has not been involved in a conflict.

© Richard Layton

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