Sunday, March 15, 2015

Let’s stand together for a better world

Already, working together, we produce a great deal of wealth. But most of us don’t get to see or benefit much from it. Imagine how much more needed things could be produced and useful services provided if the 200 million unemployed people in the world were allowed to work.

It is not laziness stopping them. The barrier is profit. The people who own the world’s factories, machines and tools must make a profit or they won’t hire. If we owned these resources together, we could use the fruits of our labour for our own benefit.

We could share out the wealth we create together.

We wouldn’t need markets and the waste that goes with them. We could directly produce enough for all. We could save all the work and effort that goes with buying and selling and shuffling money around and instead create more of what we need.

No more tax collectors, benefit officers or bankers. It would be more efficient to simply share out our produce freely and according to need.

Working together, we can free up our time so we can take control of the communities where we live. We could have democracy at work too. We would be able to control the real decisions that affect all our lives. There would be no privileged, rich elite able to buy their way to influence and power.

We need to organise ourselves to demand common ownership and democratic control of the productive wealth of the world. It will take all of us, standing together, debating, discussing and planning in order to make the change possible. It can be done. We have seen the world over that when an idea has the support of the majority of the population, nothing can stop it.

To send a signal that you want this, vote for the Socialist Party candidate, and then come and join us, not to mend the current system but to build a movement strong enough to end it.

A future that works

The market system works. But not for us. It works for the handful of people who own the land, factories and firms. Some of them are doing well and getting richer. For them, the present system works, through our hard work.

For us, it doesn’t. The real value of wages has shrunk. The housing market is broken and rents are rising. Unemployment is at staggering proportions: especially among young people.

The truth is being revealed that the world is run in the interests of those who own it.

For governments, repaying debts to those who got wealthy from our work is more important than us receiving education or health care.

For us, the future won’t work so long as we depend on an economy based on the market, profit and ownership by a few.

In our workplaces we co-operate. We don’t charge our colleagues for our time: we work together. It’s just that we are not working together for ourselves. If we controlled the places where we work, we could work together, without bosses, to make all the things and provide all the services we need. Then share them freely, without buying and selling.

The future that works is the common and democratic ownership of the wealth of the world. If the majority of us want to, we can use democratic struggle to create a world of common wealth. The first step to building that movement is letting other people know what we want. A vote for the Socialist Party lets people know where you stand and encourages them to join in. Not to fix the current system. Nobody can. But to build a movement big enough to replace it.

The alternative is a wasted vote, for parties that accept the market system: parties that inevitably support putting profits before needs and letting the market dictate what is produced and who benefits.

Everyone in the driving seat
Ever felt voting was a waste of time? Usually, this is true, because the big parties support the current system. They change a few laws, shift money around; but in the end profits always come first and those on top stay on top.

Is this the only way? We can put space probes onto comets, restore sight to the blind and perform triple heart bypass operations: we have the brains to sort out a better system, one where we will be producing to satisfy people’s needs not for profit, where no one has to live in poverty while an elite are wealthy beyond imagining.

The Socialist Party believes in a society of cooperation, in helping each other, not exploiting our neighbours. We believe that power should be shared, not in the hands of a greedy few.

Who controls how much you are paid, where you work, when you work or even if you work? Who decides how much it costs you to live where you are? You probably have almost no say in any of these issues which have a big effect on you. But what can you do about it?

Those who benefit from the present system would have you believe there is no alternative. It helps them if you believe it – although it does nothing for you.

You don’t have to believe you are powerless. If you choose not to support this anymore and vote socialist you will be one of an increasing number questioning the system. You will be signalling your consent to a world cooperative society where wealth is produced and owned in common and freely shared according to need. A truly democratic society where decisions are made for the common good rather than for the gain of vested business interests. Where you have as much say as the next person regardless of position in life or occupation.

Voting socialist means rejecting this market system entirely and that you want everybody sharing the driving.

Ten Socialists
Jacqueline Shodeke - Brighton Kemptown;
Howard Pilott - Brighton Pavilion;
Robert Cox – Canterbury;
Steve Colborn – Easington;
Andy Thomas - Folkestone and Hythe;
Bill Martin - Islington North;
Kevin Parkin - Oxford East;
Mike Foster - Oxford West and Abingdon
Brian Johnson - Swansea West;
Danny Lambert – Vauxhall.

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