Friday, October 11, 2013

The Wealthiest Inflicting Unspeakable Pain

Senator Bernie Sanders has encapsulated in a single, biting paragraph why the current GOP-led government shutdown is occurring. It's a paragraph he uttered on MSNBC and then Tweeted out to the world.
It's a paragraph worth reading:
(58) Twitter - Search - #GOPshutdown 2013-10-08 14-37-54

This is about the wealthiest among us inflicting unspeakable pain upon American citizens and doing irreparable harm to the United States in order to protect their deep-pocketed interests.
It's about a child-like greed and self-serving insensitivity that the contemporary GOP has come to embrace with open arms.
It's billionaires going to war against Americans, and against America.
It's that simple.

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