Sunday, October 20, 2013

Charities Fat Cats

Professor Philip Sugarman, chief executive at St Andrew's Healthcare, which states it is the biggest mental healthcare charity in Britain was awarded £653,000 in 2012/13, an increase of more than 18 per cent on his previous year's pay of £552,000.

St Andrew's Healthcare employs more than 3,000 people and provides mental healthcare and support for those with psychiatric illnesses, disabilities and brain injuries, through residential and community-based care, as well as being involved in training and research at four centres across England. It's a business not a charity. Charity is the biggest tax-free industry in the UK. In 2009 there were over 170, 000 UK charities

"We have to ask charity executives how they justify a high salary to a donor who is giving maybe £5 or £10 a month out of their hard-earned money."  former newsreader Martyn Lewis, who is now chairman of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations commented. 

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