Tuesday, October 29, 2013



(The Queen’s annual allowance raised from
£31 m. to £36.1 m. as Crown Estate head,
Sir Stuart Hampson, reveals record profits.)

Our country’s bankrupt so let’s weep,
A crocodile-type tear;
That we could only give The Queen,
Five Million more this year!
The millions of unemployed,      
Would certainly donate;             
A Tenner from their Benefits,   
To ease her parlous state.         

The Bankers too, undoubtedly,      
Would pay some extra tax;                 
Another five per cent would help,       
Her live life to the max.                      
Meanwhile, her son, The Prince of Wales;            
Who’s stuck in Queer Street too;     
Wails daily to his Pansies that,              
He hasn’t got a sou!                              

Perhaps the Food Banks, being flush,
Will send some 3-star nosh;
As being quite superfluous,
Their shelving is awash!
The Plebs could beat the bedroom tax,
By giving Royals a bed;
So that our betters have a place,
To lay their weary head.

It’s really shameful how we treat,
Our Royal kith and kin;
Reducing Liz to penury,
Because the state we’re in.
So let’s start a collection soon,
To ease her worried mind;
Sixteen Per Cent’s a lousy rise,
And really most unkind!

© Richard Layton 

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A socialist claiming copyright! Whatever next!