Wednesday, October 16, 2013


POINTS MEAN PRYCE’S! (apologies to Sir Bruce Forsyth!)
(Lib-Dem Leaders seem unable to recall specific details
about speeding points & sexual harassment matters.)

1/ Those middling lot the grey Lib-Dems,
So dull and lacking vice,
Rough-Huhne from solid shifting-sand;
Would seem to have their Pryce!

2/ Some of the Party patriarchs,
Appear to be in thrall;
To the idea female Lib-Dems,
Should be more Liberal!

3/ The  leadership perceived the threat,
And played their usual card--
A cover-up as in the case,
Of Kennedy’s façade. (1)

4/ The Party claims to be unique,
Unlike the bigger two;
Not given to the same old lies,
And claims that are untrue!

5/ Stuck in the middle of the road,
Where lie the smoothest joints;
And crawling at a snail’s pace to,
Avoid ‘licentious’ points!

6/ But should there be a loud backfire,
And progress starts to stall;
Their policy, ‘Specifically’,
Will be they don’t ‘Recall’!

(1) Party covered-up Charles Kennedy’s drink problem.

© Richard Layton  

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